What is an escape room anyway ?

What is an escape room?

An escape rooms is a lot of fun. It is the new way people entertain. Its charm consist of the fact that is brand new, interactive, immersive and highly addictive (in a good way).
An escape room is the new thing to do for birthday parties for adults and kids, for date night, for a night out with family or friends or for a team building events.
Shortly put an escape game is an activity where you and your team are locked in a room and play a physical mind game. Once locked in the room you are challenged to escape by only using your skills and brain power. You have to solve puzzles and riddles, find hidden clues and objects in order to escape. It is a physical adventure game and an awesome tem building activity. It is a new very rapidly growing trend in the entertainment industry.

Where did it all start?

The incipient idea goes all the way back to 1980 and 1990 to the adventure and game shows and movies. Refer back to the Fort Boyard (1990 French TV series – game show ). The show is set and filmed in a French fortress and the idea was that the participants had to complete some challenges to win prize money. The concept and show was reproduced for over 25 years and had different versions similar to Wipeout, Fear Factor, Survivor, and The Amazing Race.
The escape games put a twist on the challenge and rather than using the physical abilities you use your mental abilities and effective communication skills. The adventure movies such as Indiana Jones are a frequent inspiration for the escape game themes.
The first example of escape game began in Tokyo in July 2007 according to the extensive/comprehensive study done by Dr.Scott Nicholson (Professor at the Wilfried Laurie University).
Rooms grew rapidly in 2012-2013 first in Asia and then across in Europe (Hungry being a significant hub) and then over to Australia, USA and Canada.
There are also the point and click adventure games and escape the room digital games (very famous in the 1980) can also be considered a precursor for the escape games (you lose the human interaction).
There are also the puzzle hunts and treasure hunts that can be considered a precursor for today’s escape games.
Another one that can be considered the precursor for the escape games is the interactive theater and the haunted houses; here the participants are invited to engage with the environment and take action.

What is so special about our rooms ?

You will have to come and see, each room is very different and we try to make them unique, all require different skills and dexterity levels to solve them. Our rooms are very immersive and will make you really engage and be the treasure hunter or the special agent or ghost hunter in the swam or the vampire slayers. We draw our inspiration from block buster movies such as the Pirates of the Caribbean’s , or James Bond spy movies, or real Louisiana legends or cult movies like Dracula or VanHelsing. We try to add unique features to each room and mix up the skills required to solve them. We also draw on our design team from  Europe.


We look forward seeing you soon !   Don’t forget to book your adventure now !

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